Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)

CIPM® Certified International Project Manager is the credential for Project Managers, Program Managers, Architects, Program Analyst, Engineers, Procurement Managers, Risk Managers, any individual who is involved in managing a project. CIPM is a globally recognized credential by The American Academy of Project Management; offered by Jethro-lmi accredited training and certification provider in Eastern Africa.

Course Objectives

» Improve efficiency & productivity.
Effectively organize and manage projects.
» Comprehend the project life cycle.
» Master the basic project management skills.
» Establish realistic objectives to stakeholder needs.
» Effectively implement dependable monitoring techniques.
» Better estimate project costs.
» Agree on realistic time schedules.
» Successfully pass the Project Management Professional (CIPM) exam.

CIPM ™ - Course Outline

Project management is growing exponentially. It's now used in virtually all industries, such as: government, health care, telecom, IT, education and

» Definition of Project Management
Characteristics of Project Management

Project Management Knowledge Areas
» Integration
» Time Management Scheduling
» Cost Control
» Quality Management
» Human Capital and Resources
» Communication and Protocols
» Risk and Disaster Preparation
» Procurement Conclusion – Capstone Summary                                                                                                                                                       

There are specific requirements for this course; so, if you plan to take the CIPM Exam, you will need a Diploma’s certificate with 3-5 year of project management experience or Bachelor's degree and 2 Years of project management experience in addition to this course, or a High School Diploma and equivalency and (10+ Years) or 7600 hours of project management experience in addition to this course. The Project Management executive training program is designed for professionals seeking CIPM ™ certification or for other business professionals seeking to improve their professional repertoire with knowledge of project management.

Case Study
A comprehensive case study exercise is undertaken throughout as an important and integral part of this course. It is designed to allow delegates practical opportunities to apply and review the use of the techniques covered on the course.

Upon Completion of the course, the graduates would take the Certified International Project Manager Exam to achieve the CIPM’s Certification.

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