Certified Manager (CM)

The Certified Manager Program is an international leadership and management training and certification program that develops and enhances the general competency of managers and leaders in all fields. The Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM), which is an educational and business center of James Madison University, USA, provides this program in different part of the world (for more visit at www.icpm.biz). Jethro-LMI, in partnership with Institute of Certified Professional Management (ICPM) confers the Certified Manager or "CM" for those who meet education & experience requirements and pass three examinations. 

Certification in "Certified Manager", "CM" Program has been becoming the single most important means of assuring management competency.


To develops and enhance the leadership and management competency of managers at all levels
To get recognized the competency and professionalism of managers globally.

CM Certification Process

Certification can be accomplished in four easy steps as follows:

For more detail:





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