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Jethro-LMI is ‘Leaders and Organizations Development Institute’ designed to provide specialized top-level management and leadership trainings, international professional certifications, research and management consultancy services throughout all sectors.
Jethro-LMI positions itself as International Institution to develop globally competent professionals and organizations by being authorized institute, to provide the following globally renowned professional certification programs:

   Certified Manager (CM™), Validating Essential Skills to Lead and Manage Effectively any organization, from Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM), James Madison University, USA.

   Certified International Project Manager (CIPM™), Validating Essential Skills to Lead and Manage any Projects Effectively, from American Academy Of Project Management (AAPM ™) USA.

In this regards, Jethro-LMI is ready to fulfill your dream through worldwide renowned Professional Qualifications and Certifications. In addition, besides to these International Professional Qualifications, Jethro-lmi also has substantial experience in providing more than 100 various types of short-term training courses and Consultancy & Research services.

In light of this, it is your turn to distinguish yourself as a globally recognized competent and professional person by these International Professional Standards.
Jethro-LMI programs are designed for people leading busy and successful lives, people who want a study program that fits in with their lifestyle.
We have enclosed detailed information on Jethro-lmi programs. For further information, please contact us by using the following address.

With regards,

Samuel Assefa, CM, CIPM, MTLC
Managing Director
Tele: +251 118 294 201 / 02

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