Feature of our short-term trainings

With the help of our Training Programs / Workshops we help our client companies and individuals bring about bottom-line results by giving them the required skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively and to solve business issues impacting their company’s goal achievement.

These Programmes are offered mostly from 1-15 day training period with few Programmes having 1 month training time. The arrangement is ideal for participants who cannot be away from their workstations for long. The subject matter is intensively covered. Note however that all the durations, venues and dates can be customized to meet your specific requirements. The short-term trainings offered by Jethro-LMI are categorized into two:

  • Regular Trainings: Through its short-term programs, Jethro-LMI provides a range of 100 diversified trainings from top level managers to lower level staff, in all spectrum of the economy. These training Programmes are offered in Jethro-LMI training centers for 1-5 day training period and the subject matter is intensively covered. However, all the durations, venues
  • Tailor-Made/Customized Trainings: Custom Solutions: Jethro-LMI understands that one size does not fit all, so it works with employers and industry sectors to create tailored development solutions through its customized programs.and dates can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Customized Training

Jethro-LMI takes cognizance of the different training requirements institutions and individuals require. Organizations may need to send their staff to cover particular Programs which are not on our list or calendar or specific content in some of our existing Programs. For customized course which is not listed on our website please contact the Programs Managers using the Contact details provided.

In-House Training

There are instances in which the institution wants to train many of its staff members at the work place. Jethro-lmi can send its Facilitators and Consultants there. If you need more information about how in-house training can benefit your organization contact us and the Training coordinator will be in touch at short notice to discuss your training needs.


Jethro-LMI uses a combination of case studies, Role plays, Games, Interactive activities and Audio Video Clips along with Power point presentation in order to make the process learning 100 % Experimental and Practical.

Features and Benefits of the Short-Term Trainings

  • Our institute is authorized as an International Institution by well-known institutions. We provide internationally recognized certificates
  • Our blended learning approach will help you get the most out of your training
  • Lectures, exercises, real life case studies, group work, role-playing, work visits, simulations and constructive feedback are all incorporated into our training, custom-build around your own unique experiences and expertise.
  • The training facilitators are qualified and experienced in their fields of study.
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