Individual Testimonies

Personal Benefit:” I have found the CM program as a refreshment of basic management concepts. The CM manuals are rich in its content.

 Organizational benefit: the major benefit I have gained from the CM program is knowledge wisdom and confidence to practice management with in my organization I have no hesitation to recommend other fellow managers to enroll in the program”

Ato Tesfaye Mamo (CM, CIPM):

Former Managing Director, Black-Lion Hospital

 Personal benefit: the manuals are simple to understand and friendly practical cases are presented which I can identify myself with the individual experience presented. The staff members at Jethro-LMI are very helpful and the office is neat and the information is readily available for customers or students.

 Organizational benefit: I have accumulated so much knowledge from the management skills I,II&III manuals which enables me to implement it in the organization I am working”

Ato Asfaw Alemu (CM) :

President, Dashen Bank S.c

  Personal Benefit: the CM program is presented in detail. It can be used as a guideline to a leader as to how he or she can plan, organize and lead the organization or the employees.

 Organization Benefit: I am able to fulfill the gap in my work and able to guide my subordinates as well as my colleagues within the organization I am working. Therefore I recommend other senior experts to join the CM program as it enables them to be effective leaders.

 Alemtsehay Ghirmay (PHD, CM, CIPM):

Former Team leader at the Ethiopian revenue &Authority

Personal Benefit: it is quite helpful & stimulates learning and application of low ledge and theories in management and leadership. The CM manuals are illustrative, attractive to read and fairly simple to understand.

 Organization Benefit: I have enjoyed reading it and kept it as a future reference. I have improved in managing, planning, coordinating and leading as a result of this training.

                            Dr. Tibebu Alemayehu (CM):

Former Program Manger IPAS Ethiopia

  Personal Benefit: as a result of joining this program, I was able to obtain the skills of management in a complete flow all together at one place.

 Organizational Benefit: I found Jethro to be of a high quality institute. I do recommend its endeavors in introducing these certification programs. I have received a complete workable guideline for my profession. It has enabled me to aspire to high managerial positions and boost my confidence regarding the application of greater managerial tasks in the future”.

 Ato Solomon Kefal:

Admin and Finance Manger, YNCOMAD construction P.L.C


Organizational Testimonials


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